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Legal Bill Review & Guideline Compliance Analysis

Adept provides legal bill review and guideline compliance analysis services to corporate legal departments and claims organizations. Over the last several years, we have reviewed several hundred thousands of invoices amounting to several billion dollars in value submitted by thousands of law firms around the globe. Corporate legal departments and insurance carriers typically make savings anywhere between eight and fifteen percent of their total legal spend by performing legal bill review.

We do not insist on any specific format for the invoice, we can work with LEDES or any other custom formats. We can also review paper invoices. Outsourcing legal invoice review to us will not only free up the valuable time of your In-house counsel, but can also benefit greatly from the analysis performed by our compliance analysts.

Our legal bill audit services can assist corporate and insurance customers to ensure that their billing guidelines are being followed. We can assist customers in the creation and development of new fee and billing guidelines.

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Information security is the biggest concern of businesses considering outsourcing of legal processes. Adept has employed sophisticated technologies and time-tested processes to ensure that information remains secure all throughout the outsourcing engagement and beyond. More »