I was amazed how Adept was able to put together a fantastic team for an urgent document review project. Not only did it save a lot of money for my client, but it also helped us to complete the project in the stipulated time. We will definitely use their services in future.-Vice President of a Litigation Support Service ProviderMore »

Legal Research and Writing

Our legal research and writing services deliver enhanced productivity, scalability, and significant cost savings for our customers.

We have strong experience in all types of legal research tasks, including primary and secondary legislation research, multi-jurisdictional surveys, and case law research. Our team of India based attorneys has extensive experience in performing legal research in almost all areas of US, UK and Commonwealth laws. Using our services can result in significant savings and quicker turnaround for your research tasks.

Our legal writing services include predictive legal analysis, persuasive legal analysis and legal drafting. The legal opinion or the memorandum of law or the legal brief written by our attorneys provide in depth analysis of the presented question of law and simplifies legal decision making.

We perform conflict checks before we commit to any project. Our ISO 27001 compliant information security management practices ensures peace of mind for our customers.

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Information security is the biggest concern of businesses considering outsourcing of legal processes. Adept has employed sophisticated technologies and time-tested processes to ensure that information remains secure all throughout the outsourcing engagement and beyond. More »